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Education is important to the donors of the Community Foundation of Abilene. The Foundation is home to more than 100 scholarship funds established by individuals, organizations and companies to help students from our community and the surrounding area pursue their dreams of a college education.


Applications will open November 1 for scholarships to be awarded for the fall 2023 semester. Awards will be announced in May 2023. Check this page again when applications open.



We offer more than 100 scholarships, each with different criteria established by the fund's donor. Some scholarships are specific to students from certain high schools, others are for students majoring in specific fields, and some are open to all area students.

When scholarship applications open, click the link and create an account to learn more about each opportunity.

You can also take the eligibility assessment below to see which scholarships you qualify for.


Scholarships How To Apply Video


Watch the video and follow these steps:

  1. Log in by clicking on the “Apply Now” button.
  2. Complete your application and “Submit Application”.
  3. You will then be directed to the Confirmation Page.
    Read through the list of Scholarships recommended for you.
  4. Click “Continue” to apply to individual scholarships.
  5. You will now see a list of scholarships and their status. Opportunities with the “Application Draft” status require you to answer supplemental questions.
    “Submit Application” to apply to that scholarship.
  6. Be aware that if you are asked for a new reference on a scholarship you must provide a reference that has not already been used.





We're here to help! For questions about scholarship applications and eligibility, contact Scholarships Director Jennifer Weber at jweber@cfabilene.org or 325-676-3883. For questions about creating a scholarship endowment fund, contact Donor Services Director Jasmine McCabe-Gossett at jasminemg@cfabilene.org or 325-676-3883.