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Nonprofit Resources

Nonprofit Events Calendar

Submitting Events for the Nonprofit Calendar

Remember to use our Nonprofit Events Calendar when planning your fundraiser events.

This calendar is not meant primarily for publicity. It is a tool to help nonprofits avoid booking their events on the same dates (as much as possible).

So, please use it in these two ways:

  1. Consult it before finalizing the date for your big event.
  2. Request to add your event to our calendar using the form below. 

We realize it's impossible to avoid all conflicts, but this tool is designed to help, if we all use it. 

Nonprofit Event Information

To view nonprofit events, visit

Your Name

Please enter your full name.

Please enter your email so we can get in touch.

e.g. (325) 555-1234

e.g. 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.

If an in-person event, please include venue name and physical street address.

e.g. General Admission, Open to the public, etc.

Include name and email address.

Please attach a PNG or JPG file. Your organization's logo or horizontal event flyer are best. To see an example of how images are used, visit our "Events" tab.

Nonprofit Event Calendar

Share upcoming events with the Foundation.

To request your event be published, complete the form above. Questions? Contact Emerald Cassidy for help.

Emerald Cassidy

Marketing & Communications Director