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5 Spooky Myths About Community Foundations

Oct 31, 2019

What's spookier than knowing someone has a false understanding of who you are or what you do? Okay, maybe there are some spookier things, but we thought we'd have a little Halloween fun by sharing 5 spooky myths about community foundations. Enjoy!

And pardon the paltry attempt at Halloween puns...

Myth 1: I have to have a trillion dollars to open a fund at the Community Foundation of Abilene.

Not so. Did you know we have a build-a-fund option, allowing you to add money to your fund incrementally over time? So, if you want to make a lasting and sustainable impact on the causes you care about, don’t let concern over having a big lump sum keep you from fulfilling your philanthropic goals. What a spooky thought that is!

Talk to us about which options are best for you.

Myth 2: The Community Foundation only supports high-profile nonprofits.

Au contraire! In the past year alone, the Community Foundation of Abilene has supported hundreds of different nonprofits with grants, impacting charities serving children, the homeless, the arts, cancer victims, animals, community development, and much more. And that’s just one year. It’s downright haunting to think that we would not support such a variety of needs in our community!

Curious about the different types of grants we make? Learn more here.

Myth 3: The Community Foundation of Abilene is only for an exclusive group of people.

Now, this one is truly ghoulish. Since when did the idea of supporting the charitable needs in our community become exclusive to one group? We want to accommodate everyone’s charitable giving needs. Even if you’re not ready to open your own fund, we have other ways for you to contribute to the charitable causes that matter to you. You can give any amount to an existing fund, or you can join one of our membership-based groups like Future Fund or Friends of CFA. Or, maybe we can connect you to a nonprofit where you can volunteer.

We're here to connect you to the causes you're passionate about, however ghostly they may be.

Myth 4: The Community Foundation of Abilene only serves Abilene.

Actually, did you know we manage several funds supporting regional organizations, including regions like Albany, Winters, Coleman County, Nolan County and others? We also have a number of scholarships benefiting students in specific Big Country school districts. Plus, our donor-advised fundholders can recommend grants from their fund to support any nonprofit cause that's important to them.

If you want to learn more about supporting the causes where you live, give us a call. It’s guaranteed to be a bewitching conversation!

Myth 5: The Community Foundation model is too confusing to understand.

It’s actually quite simple. Here’s how endowment funds work – Let’s say you open a fund with cash. We invest it and watch the fund grow. Then, the revenue is used to make grants to nonprofit charities you care about. Through endowed philanthropy, your gift isn’t just a one-time gift. It will continue to grow over time, making grants year after year, reaching the needs that matter to you. If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to meet with you.

Ok, I'm out of puns. Bottom line, let us know how we can serve you...and we'll spare you the cheesy Halloween humor when we meet.

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