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What We Do

Our mission is to empower people to make a lasting charitable impact on our community. We use the term lasting because we manage endowment funds that can grow over time and make grants to charitable causes year after year for impact that truly lasts.

When a donor establishes a new fund, the Foundation invests the donor’s initial charitable gift so the fund can grow. The donor and others can continue making contributions to the fund and recommend grants to causes they support. 

Grants are made each year from the earnings to area nonprofits, and the process repeats itself for everlasting impact. A fund has the potential to grant out more money over time than the amount of the original gift.

The process of endowment enriches the quality of life in Abilene and the surrounding areas now and in the future. Our goal is to make our community a better place to live by partnering with compassionate people like you.


We connect donors to causes they care about.

First, we listen. We want to know what matters to you. Then, we help you identify the organizations doing work in those fields. Together, we’ll develop a charitable giving strategy to maximize your ability to impact the identified causes.

We manage strategic investments to preserve our endowments.

This is what we mean by lasting impact. When you establish an endowment fund to support the causes you care about, we invest the principal gift to help the fund grow. Our investment team includes our investment committee, investment consultant and investment managers who work together to carefully and thoughtfully protect and grow these assets for long-term sustainability.

We make grants that align with donor intent.

Now for the fun part! Growth from your fund is used to make grants to the nonprofit causes that interest you. Because of our strategic investments, your fund has the potential to eventually grant out more money than the amount of your initial gift, making an even bigger impact on our community. This is what we mean by lasting impact.

We respond to community needs.

We do this in a number of ways. Our unrestricted funds give us the flexibility to support the changing needs in our community. Our donor-advised fundholders can also respond to emerging needs by recommending grants from their funds as needs arise.

We provide philanthropic leadership.

Our commitment to this community goes beyond grantmaking. We use our resources to equip local nonprofits with knowledge and skills to effectively carry out their missions.

We work with a purpose: to enhance Abilene’s future, today.

It’s all about making our community better. That’s been our purpose since our founding in 1985. We believe the power of endowment makes this possible. Abilene is filled with people working to make a positive impact every day. It’s our mission to make that impact lasting.

Our Stories of Impact

Future Fund Awards $92k During 2024 Grant Cycle

Nonprofits serving children and youth in the Abilene community awarded Future Fund grants.

The legacy of Lale Estes

Remembering Abilene's humble philanthropist.

Windham Fund Awards Grants to 16 Nonprofits with Rural Initiatives

Dr. Paula Windham Fund continues legacy in its support of education and community development in West-Central Texas.