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Future Fund

Future Fund is a membership-supported endowment fund that makes grants to nonprofit organizations serving local children and youth.

Membership dues are pooled into the endowment, and grants are made each year to causes benefiting kids in our community!


Membership levels:

  • $250 - Annual Membership for an individual or couple ($250 covers both people in the couple)
  • $500 - Impact-Maker Membership (half goes directly into Future Fund grantmaking and half into the endowment)
  • $2,500 - Lifetime Member (can be paid out over a two-year period)

Why join?

  1. Your gift makes a lasting impact on the lives of local children and youth through the power of endowment. Learn more about how endowment works here.
  2. As a Future Fund member, you'll have the opportunity to serve on the grant committee to determine which organizations will receive funding.
  3. Attend social events when Future Fund members get together and celebrate the impact we're making to improve the lives of children and youth.
  4. Be part of family services days, when members and their families can volunteer for nonprofits serving local kids.

How to join or renew:

  • New Members: To become a member for the first time, please fill out the form below with the information you'd like us to use for Future Fund correspondence. You will then be redirected offsite to pay for your membership.
  • Current Members: If you're an existing member, you can click the Renew Membership button below.
  • If you prefer to make another form of payment, contact Stephanie DeLaGarza at sdelagarza@cfabilene.org.
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Questions about Future Fund? Contact Donor Relations Director Stephanie DeLaGarza at sdelagarza@cfabilene.org or 325-676-3883.


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Future Fund benefits from the Open Road concert series. Learn more about Open Road at openroadabilene.com.