Robyn Wertheim is one of the community grantmakers chosen to recommend a $100 mini-grant to a local nonprofit organization, and the cause she has chosen is one that has personally impacted her during her battle against cancer.

The mini-grant giveaway is part of CFA's celebration of our $100 million in grants milestone. To give community members the chance to experiencing being grantmakers, the foundation is choosing 100 people who use the hashtag #Abilanthropy on social media to select an organization to receive a $100 grant.

Robyn was selected as a grantmaker and chose to maker her grant to Strength for Life, a program that has immediately impacted her.

Robyn's #Abilanthropy story:

"In October, I went for my regular check up. I have no family history of cancer, no lump you could feel and had just completed five tennis singles matches over three days in the Corpus Christi heat and humidity.

Well my routine mammogram caught Stage 2 Inductive Invasive Carcinoma in my left side and a lymph node.

A friend told me about Strength for Life and I asked my doctor for a referral. They helped my mind, body and spirit endure the months of treatment.

Now that I have had surgery and am about to start radiation, I cannot wait to get back and get healthy again."

You could be our next community impact-maker. Just use #Abilanthropy in a public social media post between July and November 2018 for a chance to be selected.