Foundation News

The Regional Victim Crisis Center has seen an increase in the number of children who have experienced trauma since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To help meet this need, CFA awarded a $40k grant to RVCC through our spring discretionary grant cycle. The grant will support ongoing specialized counseling for child victims of violent crimes and sexual assaults.

"There's one thought I frequently have and that is, although there is no fee for counseling services, there is a tremendous cost," said RVCC Executive Director Janey Wawerna.

"First, the personal cost every victim has to pay due to the crime, and second, the cost of care that generous donors pay for today and tomorrow. The need for trauma counseling is great in this community. Our services are in high demand. The only way we can avoid a lengthy wait list for crime victims is to have a full component of counselors. Thank you for making that happen!"