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Earth Day: Make a Lasting Impact on the Environment

It's Earth Day! This is a day to focus on being good stewards of our environment. There are many ways to make a positive impact on the Earth, whether it's through volunteering or donating to organizations protecting and enhancing the eco-system.

Fortunately for donors who want to make a lasting impact on environmentally-friendly causes, establishing an endowment fund is the perfect vehicle.

Here are some examples of grants made over the past year from donor funds at the Community Foundation of Abilene:

  • Keep Abilene Beautiful
  • National Parks Conservation Association
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Rainforest Trust
  • Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network

Flexibility to support causes that matter to YOU.

While all of CFA's discretionary grant cycles support exclusively local organizations, many of our donors establish donor-advised funds giving them to flexibility to recommend grants to the specific causes that matter to them. Whether you want your fund to support a single nonprofit, charities serving a particular field of interest, or you want to choose your own grantees throughout the year, we offer various fund types to support your charitable interests.

Why an endowment fund?

Endowment funds are designed to grow and last. The principal gift is strategically and thoughtfully invested, allowing the fund to grow over time. Eventually, the grants your fund makes to charitable causes can exceed the amount of your original gift! That's the power of endowment.