Foundation News

by Victoria Picon & Kassidy Nygaard

The Community Foundation of Abilene has awarded Abilene Palm House a grant of $30k to renovate two homes on their property to better serve the community through the many programs hosted there.

The renovations will also allow the organization to host at-risk youth in partnership with Safe Families for Children. Through this partnership, Palm House will provide temporary alternative-home intervention for children in the middle of family crisis or unstable living conditions, supporting families who want a safe environment for their children while looking for assistance before Child Protective Services must intervene.

Another way the Palm House serves the community is through their after-school youth program, Palm House Kids. They provide a safe place for children to have meals, bond with others through games and activities, and learn about Christian faith. With college-aged mentors, children are encouraged to work with others, develop healthy emotional and behavioral responses, and use their creativity and imagination. 

As their website states, “Our vision, at its most basic form, is to see people and the neighborhood they live in transformed by the power of love. By building trust through relationship, we aim to restore life and hope where there is brokenness and loss of identity. ...Our Mission is to offer the people in our neighborhood and beyond the practical and spiritual tools necessary to have a fulfilling life and cultivate a relationship with God.” This grant will allow Palm House to more effectively support these children at risk and the community as a whole. The CFA is happy to support their mission and broaden the scope of their impact on the Abilene community. 

This grant was awarded during CFA's spring discretionary grant cycle. See the full list of spring grantees at the link below.