July 11, 2019

The Abilene Disaster Relief Fund has granted $50,000 to Boots on the Ground to help with rebuilding efforts after the May tornado.

Boots on the Ground (BOG) is a disaster relief ministry of Beltway Park Church. BOG will use the funds for purposes such as:

  • Building temporary fence panels for households with pets where fencing was damaged or destroyed
  • Repairing fencing for uninsured tornado victims and for victims whose insurance does not cover fence repair
  • Building twin beds for those who lost their beds in the tornado
  • Partnering with lawn care providers to assist elderly and disabled tornado victims with lawn care

Remaining Funds to be Granted

This leaves around $300,000 left to be granted out for long-term recovery needs.

Grants from the fund go to community organizations engaged in the relief, recovery and rebuilding of Abilene neighborhoods that sustained tornado damage. The application period has closed, and more funds will be administered after the damage reporting phase has ended.

Here’s how the fund allocation breaks down:

  • $640,000 – Total amount raised
  • $240,000 – Granted out in the weeks following the tornado to help people with repairs and immediate and essential relief needs, such as food, transportation and shelter
  • $50,000 – Designated by specific donors to be used for case management, business relief and software to track relief needs
  • $50,000 – Grant to Boots on the Ground for damage repair
  • $300,000 – Remaining funds to be granted out for repair and rebuilding